Tuesday, December 24, 2019

8 teams, 84 games - Part 1

Define parameters

We are going to build a ILN_BGN_SL1_D1_T4_D2_T4_C_ schedule!  That is the OOTP formatting for defining league structure and means...

One subleague, with 2 divisions, each with 4 teams


84 games
Play each of 3 other teams in division 20 times (10H/10A)
Play each of 4 teams in other division 6 times (3H/3A)

That seems a likely choice for distribution of games for such a league configuration, but mostly it turns out nicely for illustrative purposes.

Other details...

Start season first week of April (this does not matter at all for build)
No All-Star Game

Otherwise lean toward MLB-style constraints...

  • Favor 2- and 3-series homestands and roadtrips.
  • Maximum 14 consecutive games home or away.
  • Play no more than 20 days in a row.
  • No more than one game per team scheduled per day.

Turn the number of games into series...

Play each other team in division 6 series (3H/3A)
Play each team in other division 2 series (1H/1A)

That adds up to 26 series, with 2 per week meaning 13 weeks.

10 games against division opponents home & away will be from two 3-game and one 4-game series
All 3-game series for interdivision games.

Offdays are significantly less frequent than current MLB - 7 in 91 days compared to more like 24 (including All-Star Break) in 186 days.  But that seems reasonable with the season being only about half as long.

Next steps...

Those 26 series per team are our raw materials.  Now we need to lay out all of them.

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