Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Modern MLB schedule

When I make a schedule I tend to gravitate in the absence of contrary specifications (and maybe sometimes in spite of them!) to a form very similar to that of modern Major League Baseball (MLB) schedules for parameters not specific to league structure.  What I mean by modern is basically the last several years when I have been making schedules, though not much has changed across the wild card/interleague era going back to the mid-1990s.  Maybe "current" is a better term, but I am using "modern".

This is probably the sort of schedule with which more people, at least in the US and Canada, are more familiar than any other.  I suspect that even if the specifics are not consciously known, many people have a good "feel" for many of the parameters.  Unless something is specified otherwise I will generally make the assumption that someone requesting a schedule is figuring on parameters similar to current MLB.  From that mindset initially when I first got into this some of my creation techniques became geared more toward making schedules with resemblance to modern MLB.  That in turn leaves me more inclined in that direction, which over time leads to a preferred style.

Now I will describe and discuss some of the parameters of the modern MLB schedule.  Feel free to comment on any you may like or not like.